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November 2008

Nikita closed on November 14th. Thanks for visiting!

October 2008

Nikita will shut down one month from today, on November 14th. It's been a popular service, but not popular enough to justify the time it takes to maintain it and add new features.

A new By the Numbers article for fall 2008 is available. This article examines more areas than the very popular spring 2008 article, so I imagine this one will be quite popular as well. Enjoy!

May 2008

In early May, Nikita passed the milestone of 2.7 million pages validated and 9 million links checked.

On May 28th, Nikita had her second birthday.

April 2008

Nikita has graudated from beta test and is now a for-fee service. Special thanks to all who have sent feedback.

There's a new article examining statistics generated from a sample of about 10,000 pages from Nikita's most recent crawls.

As of the 8th, Nikita's link checking should be faster. Link checking also received a bug fix related to links on pages containing a META robots/nofollow. And I fixed another bug that hurt Nikita's performance on some unusual sites.

On the 10th I fixed a bug that sometimes broke alphabetization and grouping of sections in the Hot Pages report and another bug that counted unreadable pages as having no doctype.

As of the 13th, Nikita features a small new report that sorts your pages by the number of validation messages in each. It comes in a text file, too, so you can easily import it into a spreadsheet and attack your worst pages first.

As of the 18th, Nikita now offers the option of skipping all remaining link checks once she's in the link-checking process.

March 2008

Nikita (and her owner) have been busy but except for a small bug fix related to reporting duplicate and conflicitng encodings, most of the changes are invisible to you.

Sometime in late March, Nikita checked her 8 millionth link.

February 2008

Nikita now allows you to limit the number of pages she visits during a crawl.

January 2008

Happy New Year! Nikita celebrated the New Year by validating her 7 millionth link sometime in early January.


2007 is, like, so last year! But if you want to read about it, Nikita's 2007 is detailed here.

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